5 Winter Cleaning Tips for Your Home

5 Winter Cleaning Tips for Your Home

5 Winter Cleaning Tips for Your Home

As the winter months force us to deal with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, that may lead to neglecting things around the house. However, by cleaning your home and making sure to prepare properly for winter, you and your family can enjoy this time of year without any worry. But given the long list of cleaning tasks, it can be overwhelming. For maid service Littleton, CO residents trust, be sure to reach out to Mountain Meadow Maids today! We are proud to have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee! Looking for house cleaning that Highlands Ranch deserves? How about house cleaning that Littleton, CO, can depend on? We are proud to offer top-notch house cleaning services to the entire area! In this post, we’ll discuss 5 cleaning tips for the winter months. 

Change Your Furnace Filters

Given the below-freezing temperatures during winter, your furnace becomes your best friend. Once those temps start to dip, that’s when you depend on the amazing heating power of your furnace. However, if your furnace is working with dirty filters, that can result in poor indoor air quality and ineffective heating power throughout your home. It’s recommended to change your furnace filters every 60 days. 

Clean Windows

During the winter, our homes need all the sunlight they can get. Not only does the sun provide much-needed light throughout the home, but this natural sunlight also provides the warmth we need. Of course, that leads to more comfort for your family, but that also leads to greater energy efficiency. The more natural light that comes through our windows, the less our furnace needs to work. Be sure to clean your windows every month or so and open the blinds whenever possible. 

Prepare Your Entryway

As the winter months mean snow, slush, and ice, that can lead to a very disgusting entryway. Since snow easily attaches to boots and shoes, it can mean very dirty floors in your home. That being said, we recommend purchasing a boot scraper, a bench, and a high-quality doormat for your entryway. The boot scraper will help clean off your boots upon entry, a bench should be utilized to remove and clean off winter gear, and a doormat should be used to clean off shoes before walking inside. 

Clean Dryer Vents

As our dryers work, they tend to build up quite a bit of lint. That lint is, unfortunately, a huge fire hazard for our homes. Given the extremely dry air during the winter months, this lint is even more dangerous. Before the winter months, it’s recommended to remove this lint by pulling the dryer out from the wall, disconnecting the pipe, and cleaning the area thoroughly.

Clean the Chimney

If you live with a dirty chimney, it can mean a severe fire hazard for your home. In addition, a dirty chimney can also lead to dangerous smoke inside your residence. Given the risks involved, we recommend calling a professional for a chimney cleaning service. 

Littleton Maid Service

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